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Was nettes..

das hatte Lisa mir geschickt.. kA woher:

-----------are like apples------
-------on trees. The best ones-----
-----are at the top of the tree.-----
---The boys dont want to reach---
--for the good ones because they--
-r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
-Instead, they get the rotten apples-
from the ground that arent as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something wrong with them when in
-reality they're amazing. They just--
---have to wait for the right boy to
---- come along, the one who's-
----------- brave enough to-----
---------------climb all---------
---------------the way--------
--------------to the top--------
-------------of the tree.---------


Nette Sache. x:
Hoffen wir halt darauf, von dem richtigen iwann gepflückt zu werden. <3


>__#n00bi.kindi. :Dv
16.9.07 14:04


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